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I’m depressed (我病了)

I’m depressed (我病了)

03 May 2018

“我病了” tells a story of a depressed teenage boy’s helplessness as he recounts the experience of his parents' separation.

In the story, his dad started a new family and his mum gradually disconnected herself from him after the divorce.

He would visit his dad and his new family often, however, he also felt hurt by the joyful atmosphere created by the family.

Bitterness and disappointment began to take root in his heart. Aggravated by academic pressure from school, the emotional wounds got worse, and depression became a foothold in his heart.

It was hard to accept the truth. He began to question his existence in life. Soon, he fell victim to a deep despair and began to have suicidal thoughts. He decided to end his life. The turning point came after he discovered a piano at a corner of the room. On an impulse, he started to play the piano; the melodious music began to attract many terminally ill children as they watched him perform the piano.

He found the meaning in his life and became determined to comfort others with his music.

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