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Featured Book of the Month: The mystery King Bird of Aicoco Island(爱可可岛的国王鸟)

Featured Book of the Month: The mystery King Bird of Aicoco Island(爱可可岛的国王鸟)

25 February 2019


Beibei's family visited Aicoco island in South Africa. Accompanying them on this trip is his father’s classmate, uncle Ma, a biologist.   

They have heard of the beautiful forest on the island and they came specifically to observe the very rare and beautiful King bird.

The scenery on the island was indeed breadth taking and the seafood was simply delicious. Unknown to them, evil presence was slowly spreading through the forest.

Blinded with greed and evil intent, traps were set to catch the King birds.

Who are these men with sinister intent? Where are they from? Are they going to sell those beautiful birds or kill them just for their feathers?

Beibei knew he had to outsmart those villains. Will using his intelligent and sharp observation be enough? How will uncle Ma’s knowledge as a biologist be of any help?... It turns out that all the mysteries are hidden in those tiny details…Will peace finally be restored and the King birds safe again?

This book features:

1. Teenagers playing the main role which characterizes Detective Beibei series of stories. From the point of view of the kids, the writer presents the process in solving the case while promoting the learning of science.

2. It tells a suspenseful story to the readers through lively words, but there are hints in the details for the readers to discover.

3. Vivid and delicate insets let the readers thoroughly enjoy the story.

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