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I discovered Dudu through my school as they introduced it to me at primary 3 or primary 2. I sign-up for Dudu as I find it very interesting. I read 2 – 3 books every day. I improved and I'm much more confident in speaking loud using Chinese. I love Dudu.

- Eliza, Primary 5

Despite their relative short period of usage (less than 3 months), I observed the boys were doing more regular reading as they were able to make good progress on the interactive ebooks on their own...

- Mrs May Tan,
Mum of Gordon and Brandon, Primary 6 and Primary 5

I have been using Dudu town for the past two years. Apart from assigning the correct level of books for the pupils to read, the application also includes audio, 汉语拼音 and quizzes...

- Ms. Ng,
Chinese Teacher in a Primary School

Previously, I used Dudu as a teacher in school. Now, I’m a parent user. Dudu is interactive and Nathan enjoys getting the little awards and of course, the games at the end...
Esther Foong Tan,<br>Mum of Nathan, Primary 1

- Esther Foong Tan,
Mum of Nathan, Primary 1

Grace has been using Dudu for 2 months and she can navigate through Dudu easily and reads around 10 books per week...
Joan,<br> Mum of Grace, K2

- Joan,
Mum of Grace, K2

My son is very weak in Mandarin and lost interest in reading Chinese books over time due to his inability to sound out the words independently...
Jie En,<br>Mum of Jonas, Primary 1

- Jie En,
Mum of Jonas, Primary 1

What I like about Dudu is the programme assessed the children’s Chinese reading level by asking the children to answer a few questions based on a few short Chinese comprehension passages...

- Mum of Brandan & Aidan, Primary 4 & Primary 1

The programme/books are very interactive and interesting. My kids usually read at least 2 to 3 books a week. Dudu has games and rewards after the exercise which my child looks forward to…

- Catherine, Mum of Gerald, K2

Dudu has plenty of storybooks, good graphics with audio help. It is fun reading and my child likes the ranking system which motivates him...

- Mrs. Low, Mum of Primary 1 Student