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I chance upon Dudu on the internet while trying to search for interesting Chinese reading material for my 2 boys.

What I like about Dudu is the programme assessed the children’s Chinese reading level by asking the children to answer a few questions based on a few short Chinese comprehension passages and recommend appropriate books based on their level.

We tried borrowing a lot of Chinese books from the library but usually found that the books are either too hard (doesn’t match their Chinese language reading ability or too long and daunting for my children to finish it). Dudu recommended books short, the content interesting with some stories based on Chinese culture and historical figures, and it comes with comprehension questions at the end of the book to test the understanding of what was read.

If the children stumble upon difficult words, there is an auto-reader or pinyin display option to help them along.

Finally, this programme enables us to practise reading anywhere. Just need to login to your account via a laptop.

Overall, I can see an increase in confidence of Brandan and Aidan in Chinese reading. I would recommend it to any parents who are searching for any fun and interesting Chinese reading programme to get their children interested in the language.

- Mum of Brandan & Aidan, Primary 4 & Primary 1

I discovered Dudu through my elder child's school. I find it very interactive and my younger child in K2 is interested after seeing the sister doing it, therefore we sign up for it.

The programme/books are very interactive and interesting. My kids usually read at least 2 to 3 books a week. Dudu has games and rewards after the exercise which my child looks forward to.

Gerrard is more confident of himself now, and he is willing to try reading out loud by himself.

- Catherine,
Mum of Gerald, K2

My child has been using Dudu for 6 months. It is easy to use and he reads 2 – 4 books a week. The programme has plenty of storybooks, good graphics with audio help. It is fun reading and my child likes the ranking system which motivates him.

- Mrs. Low,
Mum of Primary 1 Student