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Dudu is an online environment for self-paced and personalised learning of the Chinese language for children 6 and above. Dudu is an adaptive Chinese reading programme that recommends eBooks according to each student’s reading ability, in order to allow the student to improve his/her command of the Chinese language through reading. It is proudly developed by CommonTown which has over 20 years of experience in developing educational technology products. If you are looking for an introductory Chinese language teaching system related to Dudu, please find out more about Dudu Together.

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Children often tell their teacher Ms. Charlotte that they couldn’t find Chinese books they liked to read. They found the books either too hard or too boring. So Dudu was born out of her single-minded goal to help children struggling to read Chinese. 

Ms. Charlotte had just three simple wishes.

  • to help children find books that matched their reading level.
  • to make it easy for children to read Chinese: It can be painful for children to put down a book they really enjoy, just to check words in a Chinese dictionary.
  • to help children to widen their vocabulary: A lack of vocabulary can lower a child’s confidence, to the point that they hide under the table whenever the tutor arrives.

But the teacher stumbled across a major problem… 

She was surprised at how hard it was to find fun and interesting books that also made it simple to learn Chinese. So she teamed up with world-class education and technology experts, to create a groundbreaking online language learning platform. 

After 5 years of painstaking research and publishing dozens of professional papers, Ms. Charlotte and a band of top educators, writers, illustrators and technical development teams, have finally found the golden key to learning Chinese. 

Together with state-of-the-art technology such as the Support Vector Machine and by using Item Response Theory to analyse big data, they created Dudu - the ultimate online learning experience. Now any child or student has the chance to learn Chinese without fear, boredom or worry. 

And as one of the most effective reading platforms in the second-language world, Dudu can even recommend suitable online books for a child’s reading age. 

In fact Dudu has helped children grow so confident in reading Chinese, that they start to read 2-3 books every week. And in some cases may even point out a Chinese story to Grandma and say: ‘Can I read this to you?’

So to help children happily read more Chinese books at school or at home, Dudu has created hundreds of colourful and beautifully-written books to choose from. 

And once a child starts to enjoy reading Chinese, it might not just boost their confidence and grades, but they may even gain more opportunities in life.