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Enjoy Your Chinese Language Learning with Educational Video Games on Dudu

Dr Chung Tzemin, Education Scientist,
CommonTown Pte Ltd

18 June 2019

Enjoy Your Chinese Language Learning on Dudu.png
Learning Chinese becomes so much more fun when you’re using Dudu, where the beautifully illustrated eBooks come with practices and games to keep children engaged and entertained even as they study.

Educators have been using games to help students learn for hundreds of years. You may even be able to recall such a game from your own school days that your teacher taught you to help you remember multiplication tables, for instance, or historical facts.

Games on Dudu may also played on their own, and not necessarily after reading an eBook, to give children more chances for fun and interactive learning. Quizzes come in different forms such as making inferences, pronunciation and vocabulary to add variety and to keep students looking forward to what might come next.

In this post, we’ll discuss two of the many forms that games take here on Dudu.

Fun with “Flashcards”

This is actually a kind of vocabulary quiz that gives students a chance to practise using high frequency words: 

  • Students are encouraged to learn or review the words and their meanings.
  • Students actually see how they would be used in entire sentences.
  • Students can use them right away to complete sentences .


Get Three in A Row

In this second example of vocabulary practice on Dudu, students are given a “mission” or an objective which can be seen in the yellow panel on the right. Students will then need to form vocabulary words. The faster the student can form the words, the higher the score he achieves.

As you've seen in the video:



This vocabulary practice is bound to motivate your child. If you’re worried about your child spending too much time staring at a screen, we invite you to check out our previous blog post, “ Should I let mychild use ‘Learning Chinese Apps’ ”.  

Dudu’s Awards System

As students continue to play games and answer quizzes throughout the Dudu platform, they can start to collect attractive little icons or “awards” which helps to inspire them play and answer more, and in turn, helps them study and practise more, as well. Soon, they’ll find themselves gazing with pride at the collections on their respective Awards pages like th e one below:


This may even foster a spirit of friendly competition among students by comparing collections, or even scores on Dudu’s leaderboard .  


Games and other fun activities have a huge role to play in keeping the love of Chinese language learning alive. You might even try playing these games alongside your child—who knows, you just might enjoy it. Can’t wait to start playing and learning on Dudu? Sign up for Dudu , today.