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Five Ways Reading Poems Can Raise Children’s Confidence


22 May 2020
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Imagine your child choosing a book and reading it on their own. Or having students read out loud to you, without having to ask them first.

We would all love children in the classroom or at home to read Chinese in this way. But what if they find Chinese language books too hard or too long to finish? And in these difficult times, harder to get hold of at all?

One great way to help children learn Chinese more easily is through reading poetry.

How Can Children Benefit from Reading Poetry?

  1. Poems are ideal for learning in the classroom and at home, because research shows that it greatly builds skills in listening and understanding.
    • Studies reveal that listening to poetry increases children’s enjoyment of listening to, discussing and reading poems. 
    • As they read more poetry, it helps them to remember words, which leads to a better understanding of language.
  2. Poetry can help children recognise more words, as well as raise confidence in speaking and reading. 
    • Repeated reading of poems helps children to identify words automatically without having to think.
    • As they recognise more words, it becomes easier for children to express themselves in different situations— therefore raising their confidence.

Popular Tang poems spoken in Mandarin

3. Poems may inspire children to write more, by showing them what topics are possible to write about in the language. They can also demonstrate the different forms in which these poems can be written. 
    • Children can respond to poetry by choosing any of the poet’s styles or techniques that they like. They can then use these methods as a springboard to write their own poems. 

4. Reading poetry can also reduce stress and even help children think smarter and more creatively.
    • Research shows that reading poems can help students suffering from stress and anxiety, as it allows sufferers to share their emotions more freely.
    • And as poetry introduces new words and ideas, it encourages children to think in order to understand the meaning.

5. Finally, poems can also nurture a child’s love of reading by making it relaxing, engaging and fun and less daunting than reading longer texts. How?
    • By providing children with a less formal way of practicing their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
    • By using humour, rhythm and rhymes they can share and enjoy with friends and family. Poems may even be a fun way of boosting interest in Chinese culture and history.

But where can you easily find Chinese poetry suitable for children of various reading abilities? Here’s where Dudu’s YouTube channel comes in: 

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